Luxury King Size Ottoman Bed

Ottoman beds pay heritage to the ancient Turkish design style that features low-lying furniture decked with upholstery in cool, earthy colors.

Although these beds come in various sizes, they all feature the same basic design and color scheme and are most popularly bought in the King bed size.

This large size option is a direct result of the Ottoman bed’s grand and luxurious design that would appear awkward and meek on a smaller, single-person bed.

King-sized Ottoman beds are hence generally employed by couples and would make for an excellent addition to a large, two-person hotel room, as opposed to a smaller room designed for single-person inhabitation.

Interestingly, despite their larger-than-life, grand structure, these beds are typically found in understated, minimalist colors. Therefore, they serve as the perfect marriage between Eastern gaudiness and Western minimalism, much like their place of origin itself (Turkey)!

Pros and Cons of Ottoman Beds

Most Ottoman-style beds have a convenient storage option underneath their mattress. This helps them serve a dual purpose by doubling up as a place to keep your precious items safe. You can also store other, non-precious items within the bed, such as traveling bags that aren’t in use or old books you’ve read but just can’t seem to throw away.

Some people also like to store extra linens and bed coverings underneath the Ottoman’s mattress, which makes them more accessible whenever they’re needed. Or, if you’re keen on reducing the amount of furniture within the room, you can use this area to store clothes and shoes, hence eliminating the need for an individual closet.

The bed’s internal storage space can easily be accessed by lifting the bed’s mattress, which is supported by a sturdy metal frame. The bed is designed in a fashion that makes it easy to lift the mattress, so you don’t need to worry about being physically weighed down during the lifting process.

King-sized beds in other designs typically don’t include an internal storage option. As a result, they end up wasting a significant amount of under-mattress floor space that could have otherwise been put to good use. Luckily, this isn’t a problem with Ottoman beds, which is why so many people prefer this bed design over other popular options.

On the downside, though, Ottoman beds are large and bulky, making them difficult to shift around the room, which is why this design isn’t necessarily the best option for rooms with furniture that is regularly rearranged.

King-sized Ottoman beds take up a lot of space, making them a poor choice for small, compact hotel rooms. Such rooms would be better off with a less bulky bed, or perhaps one without an upholstered headboard, as those tend to take up more space than the average wooden option.


Despite these downsides, though, the Ottoman bed has remained a popular option amongst bed-owners and hotel room decorators, who champion the use of this bed style because of its ample storage space, luxurious design, and comfortable feel.

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