Best Premium Mattress

Best Premium Mattress to Buy Now!

There are many great mattresses and Restfull nights can supply. Choosing just one can be tricky, without knowing all the details.

Finding a mattress that’s right for you means knowing your options and selecting the one that best matches your requirements.

Let’s begin by learning more about the different types of premium mattresses available.

Best Premium Mattress Types

Premium mattresses come in a variety of styles. Here are the most popular ones:

1. Innerspring

True to their name, innerspring mattresses feature a soft outer covering that’s tightly packed with inner coils or springs. These mattresses are readily available and can be found in an array of firmness options. Hence, finding one that matches your preferences is easy – be it a soft, medium, or hard mattress.

Premium innerspring mattresses will have a large coil density, whereas low-end options will have significantly fewer springs. Having plenty of springs packed into one mattress offers exceptional comfort at an excellent price.

On the downside, these springs may create squeaking sounds when nearing the end of their lifespan. They aren’t the best option for people with joint pain, either. So, be sure to keep these points in mind when shopping for an innerspring mattress.

2. Natural Fiber

Mattresses packed with natural fibers, like organic cotton, wool, or hemp, are more eco-friendly than their coiled counterparts. However, they cost significantly more than the average innerspring mattress, making them a less popular choice for many.

Still, many people prefer natural fiber mattresses because they’re excellent at keeping you warm at night. Woolen mattresses are best for this, with cotton running a close second. They are also generally softer than other mattress types. Hence, natural fiber mattresses are perfect for people who like to feel like they’re sleeping on a bed of clouds.

As a bonus, these mattresses can last you up to 15 years. That’s an excellent lifespan, considering how innerspring options generally last no more than 7 years.

3. Memory Foam

Memory foam does a great job at shaping itself according to the contours of your body. Hence, it provides excellent pain relief to people with joint problems. It’s also excellent for spinal alignment and provides excellent orthopedic support.

As a result, memory foam mattresses can boost sleep quality, particularly in people suffering from back or joint pain.

However, memory foam mattresses that are too soft can hurt your spinal alignment. High-density foam is firmer and provides the best spinal support. Be sure to keep these points in mind when shopping for a memory foam mattress!

4. Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses give you the best of both worlds by combining memory foam and innerspring technology. Most options will also include a latex or gel layer in between the memory foam and coils. These mattresses offer more firmness than most memory foam options, thanks to their innerspring layer. They do a fine job of contouring to your spine’s natural curve, too, hence aiding with spinal alignment.

On the downside, hybrid mattresses are bulky and cost more than regular memory foam or innerspring options. But if you’d like to reap the benefits of both memory foam and innerspring, the hybrid mattress could be perfect for you!

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