Premium Mattress

Investing into your sleep with a premium mattress

Buying a mattress of any standard is an investment. There are many needs that need to be accommodated through a mattress, where longevity will be aimed for.

Especially within heavy footfall services, such as hotel chains and hospitality platforms, a premium mattress will be recommended to time and time again accommodate sleeping needs. This exact reason backs the demand for our premium services, within the contract sector.

Whether it’s for your own experience or for others to encounter, investing into sleep, into comfort, into quality and into premium standards will pay off. Although such investment may be perceived as steep, through our range of premium mattresses, you can profit whether you’re investing into a single mattress, all the way to a mass order.

The definition of premium will mean something different to every customer. Some will link it with the quality of material, others will associate it with how durable a premium mattress will be, and for others, it will be defined by the comfort of a mattress.

Whatever your definition may be, your premium mattress order through Restful Nights will accommodate your needs, will elevate rest and will offer exactly what a mattress should.

Buying a premium mattress through our specialisms

When investing into a premium product, it’s very important to feel reassured when considering the standards and quality of your product, its delivery and its long-term offering. Down to our specialisms, our experience and our supportive portfolio of customers, you can feel confident in buying a premium mattress through Restful Nights.

We know what it takes to produce and sustain premium products. We understand the importance of transparent, value for money services surrounding our mattresses. From the quality of the materials that we use and the safety of such materials, to our delivery and removal service and the long-term performance of our products, you can rely on our team to produce premium levels.

Share your needs today, which can soon be turned into a made to order premium mattress, available through a single order or through consistent delivery, following branding guidelines. Be consistent with your offering by opting for a consistently delivered form of premium.