High End Upholstered Beds

Comfortable, plush, upholstered beds are currently all the rage. Paired with high end details and quality, both bed frames and mattresses of such standards are now very popular across hospitality services and independent orders.

Are you looking for high end upholstered beds to fill your hotel? Maybe you’ve moved property and require a number of upholstered beds with the high-end feel? Whatever your end goals, at Restful Nights, we’re here to fulfil them with our bed products and services.

You may be struggling to source a number of beds at the high-end level, down to price. It’s a competitive market, following interior design trends and demands. Yet while price may be undesirable at first glance, there are many benefits linked to changing your current bed products for high-end upholstered beds, especially with value for money in mind here at Restful Nights.

Finding the right standard, at the right price, to fit your brand guidelines or to squeeze into your unconventional space may seem impossible. You may feel like you’ve searched high and low for high end upholstered beds. Yet look no further, where possibilities are endless through our made to order bed service.

Buying high end upholstered beds

With years upon years of experience in the bed product market, we’ve homed in on our standards here at Restful Nights, turning an everyday necessity into high-end standards. With peace of mind, with assurance and with value for money at the forefront of our offering, you can buy high end upholstered beds, even in the masses, to fulfil your bed requirements.

Our services are flexible, our products are workable and our made to order service allows for personalisation across products and the definition of high end.

Meet your budget, your design needs, your measurement requirements and your desirability of comfort by designing and buying high end upholstered beds in collaboration with Restful Nights. With the backing of small independent boutique styled hotels, to larger chain hotels, with clients also spanning across hospitality services, you can feel confident in investing into high-end upholstered beds, at the right price, at the right safety levels and at the right standards.