Made to Order Bed Frame

What You Need To Know Before Getting A Made To Order Bed Frame

If you want complete creative control over the design of your bed, going for made to order bed frame is your best option. While there are many different styles of ready-made mattresses on the market, it can be challenging to find one that fits your needs completely.

That’s where a made to order bed frame comes into the equation. However, there are some things that you need to know before going for a made to order bed frame.

No Size Restrictions

One of the most significant reasons people decide to invest in a made to order bed frame is that there are no size restrictions. You can essentially get a bed frame in whatever size you want.

That doesn’t mean you don’t have the option to pick between the traditional bed sizes. You can take the queen-size bed frame as a base and ask the manufacturers to increase the overall height. Any combination of length, width, and height that you desire is possible.

Any Color You Want

Finding the perfect bed style only for it to be in an undesirable color is incredibly frustrating. However, when you go for a made to order bed, you can pick between any color you desire. At the same time, a few companies even offer fun designs like stripes and floral patterns.

However, instead of picking something flashy, people tend to stick with common neutral colors. Some of the most popular color options are gray, brown, and black. Their neutrality helps ensure that you have a lot of flexibility when changing the design of your room.

Aside from having the ability to pick whatever color you desire, you’re also free to choose the type of material you want. However, if you want something rare and outlandish, you might have to source the materials yourself!

Go For A Custom Mattress

One of the most ideal accessories to go along with a made to order bed frame is a custom mattress. Most manufacturers that provide made to order bed frames also provide custom mattresses. By going for a custom mattress, you can ensure that you get access to the perfect fit.

Aside from the size of the mattress, you can also customize the level of firmness. If you prefer a soft mattress or a firmer mattress, you can tell the manufacturer, and they’ll adjust the foam accordingly.


When you’re going for a ready-made bed frame, you don’t have the option to pick many accessories. However, if you’re going for a made to order bed frame, you can include any number of accessories that you desire. These can range from lights to additional storage compartments.

If it’s nothing too outlandish, then the company will be able to provide you with whatever additions you need!

Wrapping Up

There are many things that you need to consider before getting a made to order bed frame. However, plan everything properly and take the leap. Getting a made to order bed frame will provide you with more control over your sleep!

Luxury Comfort Mattress

What To Look For When Buying A Luxury Comfort Mattress

The number of people that are reluctant to splash the cash on a mattress is quite surprising. People will spend extravagant amounts of money on designer clothing, eating out, and vacations, but they’ll refuse to pay the money for a high-end mattress.

It isn’t easy to understand why people don’t spend money on a good mattress. Getting the best quality sleep is directly related to everyone’s health. Going to sleep recharges your body for the next day, and with a luxury comfort mattress, you’ll get a proper’s night rest.

If that’s managed to convince you to get a luxury comfort mattress, let’s discuss what you need to look for when buying a luxury comfort mattress.

Feel and Comfort

It’s natural for a high-end mattress to feel better than its cheaper counterparts. The best mattresses use the highest quality materials for their covers. These materials include silk, natural cotton, cashmere, and many more.

However, it’s also essential to assess the overall comfort level of the mattress. So even though it might feel a little embarrassing, lie down and test the mattress out before confirming your purchase.

Firmness Level

Even if you prefer a soft and plushy mattress, it’s still essential for it to have some level of firmness. If the mattress is completely soft, it won’t offer the level of support necessary for your spinal column. Luckily, the best luxury comfort mattresses manage to find the perfect balance between comfort and firmness.

Similarly, if you prefer a firm mattress and find hard surfaces more comfortable, try to pick a product that doesn’t apply too much pressure to the muscles and joints.


You mainly have to worry about density if you’re looking to go with a memory foam bed. A basic rule to remember is that the higher the density, the more durable the sleeping surface. High density is something you find in the more premium mattresses.


Thickness primarily has an impact on coil or spring mattresses. Generally, the thickness ranges between 10-14 inches, while there are certain mattresses that offer 20-inches in thickness. The thicker the mattress, the more luxurious it’s going to feel.

While everyone has a preference, the minimum recommended thickness for the average adult is eight inches.


Even the most standard mattresses offer a very long life. With the more premium offerings, you get mattresses that will last for more than a decade. Even though you’re paying more for the luxury offerings, the use of high-quality materials and advanced construction techniques help ensure that the mattresses last longer!

If you want mattresses that last the longest, latex options tend to be the best bet!


Even though the best mattresses have long life spans, manufacturers still offer almost lifetime warranties. So, if anything happens to your mattress and it doesn’t last the recommended timeframe, manufacturers will be happy to provide you with a replacement.

Final Words

By keeping an eye on these features, you’ll be able to identify the best luxury mattresses. Investing in a luxury comfort mattress is something that you absolutely won’t regret and will positively impact your health!


Memory Foam Mattress

Premium Memory Foam Mattress: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Memory foam is one of the most common mattress types in the market, and for a good reason! Memory foam has a set of unparalleled pros that set it apart from other options, like innerspring mattresses.

Below is a detailed discussion about memory foams and why you should (or should not) buy them!

Memory Foam Pros

Memory foam has the unique ability to adjust itself to compliment the contours of your body. Of course, the human silhouette isn’t a straight, horizontal line – so why should its mattress be any different?

This unique contouring effect makes memory foam the best choice for people with orthopedic concerns. The mattress provides excellent pressure relief from pain points, particularly those spanning across the spine or joints. Memory foam also aids with spinal alignment, making it ideal for older people or individuals with back problems.

It can also help your body heal faster from major injuries. This is largely thanks to memory foam’s ability to gently cradle the body and provide excellent comfort.

Furthermore, memory foam mattresses are generally hypo-allergenic, so people with skin problems can use them without worrying about allergic reactions.

They are also remarkably durable. A single mattress will likely be composed of 3 layers, though this depends upon the brand and making. Regardless, this layering system provides maximum comfort and guarantees durability and a long mattress lifespan. You can expect to get around 10 years out of a memory foam mattress, given you treat it well.

Memory Foam Cons

Memory foam mattresses certainly have plenty to offer, but they aren’t without their cons.

Firstly, some varieties of memory foam are exceptionally soft. Though this may improve comfort temporarily, it can also tamper with spinal alignment over time. Luckily, this problem can be easily overcome by ensuring you select a mattress that’s firmer than average. You’ll find plenty of firmness options when shopping for a new memory foam mattress.

Another con is that, despite its airflow mechanism, memory foam may retain heat on warmer days. This is because memory foam is extremely dense, especially in premium models. So, if your hometown sees plenty of humidity and heat on the regular, a hybrid mattress might be a better alternative.

Due to its softness, memory foam isn’t recommended for infants, either. Soft bedding can trap CO2 or carbon dioxide gas. In severe cases, this may lead to sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS.

These mattresses are also quite heavy, making them difficult to move around. Additionally, they cost more than the average premium spring mattress, so check your budget before buying!

To Conclude…

Memory foam, like any mattress, has its pros and cons. Now that you know all of them, you can make an informed decision when buying a new mattress.

If you’re looking for premium orthopaedic foam that can help alleviate joint and back pain, memory foam is the perfect answer! However, keep in mind its cons, too, before you buy one. You should also pay attention to the firmness level and select an option that’s neither too soft nor too hard.

Luxury Velvet Bed Frames

How To Choose A Luxury Velvet Bed Frame?

The bed is arguably the centerpiece of every bedroom. It can help make or break the look of the entire room. Recently, people are starting to shift towards making more of a statement with their bed frames. Enter luxury velvet bed frame to make everyone’s choice much more manageable.

If you’re looking to invest in a new bed frame, then velvet is a viable option. It’s much more affordable and is no longer something purely for the rich. However, before you make the final buying decision, it’s essential to know how to choose the best luxury bed frame.

On that note, let’s take a look at what you need to know to pick the right luxury velvet bed frame for your needs.


First and foremost, the bed is the main piece of furniture inside the bedroom. Consequently, if the bed frame doesn’t match the rest of the room, it’s going to make everything look off. However, velvet is an incredibly versatile fabric. As a result, it’s not very difficult to find a velvet bed frame that matches the room’s overall aesthetic.

It’s a material that’s available in a wide variety of different colors, and there are loads of different textures as well.

Size of Frame and Mattress

If you’re looking to get a luxury velvet bed frame, chances are you already have a mattress at home. That’s why it’s essential to get a bed frame that accommodates your mattress comfortably. While a little excess space might be annoying, it’s better than dealing with a bed frame that doesn’t support your mattress.

However, if the slats are too wide, it can cause a few issues. At the same time, it’s essential to consider the size of the room in comparison to the bed frame. Beds are meant to be a statement piece, but it eliminates the whole look if the size is too large. A bed frame that’s too large for the room will completely overtake the whole room.


It’s also essential to consider the height of the bed frame. A higher bed frame essentially helps create a greater sense of space. On the other hand, a bed frame with a low height will completely fuse with the room.

Whether you pick a tall bed frame or one that’s close to the ground, it’s all about personal preferences.

Type of Bed Base

There are two main types of bed bases that you can pick between when it comes to velvet beds. First, you can either choose between a platform or a sprung-slatted base.

A platform base provides a firm base for the mattress and has a simple aesthetic design. They’re generally low, flat, and made of wood. The more premium options tend to feature ventilation, and there are no wooden slats.

The other type are sprung-slatted bases. Their design makes them a lot more mattress-friendly and helps your mattress last longer.

By looking at these features, you’ll be able to pick the best luxury velvet bed frame for your bedroom!

Contact Restfull Night to discuss luxury velvet bed frames.

Best Premium Mattress

Best Premium Mattress to Buy Now!

There are many great mattresses and Restfull nights can supply. Choosing just one can be tricky, without knowing all the details.

Finding a mattress that’s right for you means knowing your options and selecting the one that best matches your requirements.

Let’s begin by learning more about the different types of premium mattresses available.

Best Premium Mattress Types

Premium mattresses come in a variety of styles. Here are the most popular ones:

1. Innerspring

True to their name, innerspring mattresses feature a soft outer covering that’s tightly packed with inner coils or springs. These mattresses are readily available and can be found in an array of firmness options. Hence, finding one that matches your preferences is easy – be it a soft, medium, or hard mattress.

Premium innerspring mattresses will have a large coil density, whereas low-end options will have significantly fewer springs. Having plenty of springs packed into one mattress offers exceptional comfort at an excellent price.

On the downside, these springs may create squeaking sounds when nearing the end of their lifespan. They aren’t the best option for people with joint pain, either. So, be sure to keep these points in mind when shopping for an innerspring mattress.

2. Natural Fiber

Mattresses packed with natural fibers, like organic cotton, wool, or hemp, are more eco-friendly than their coiled counterparts. However, they cost significantly more than the average innerspring mattress, making them a less popular choice for many.

Still, many people prefer natural fiber mattresses because they’re excellent at keeping you warm at night. Woolen mattresses are best for this, with cotton running a close second. They are also generally softer than other mattress types. Hence, natural fiber mattresses are perfect for people who like to feel like they’re sleeping on a bed of clouds.

As a bonus, these mattresses can last you up to 15 years. That’s an excellent lifespan, considering how innerspring options generally last no more than 7 years.

3. Memory Foam

Memory foam does a great job at shaping itself according to the contours of your body. Hence, it provides excellent pain relief to people with joint problems. It’s also excellent for spinal alignment and provides excellent orthopedic support.

As a result, memory foam mattresses can boost sleep quality, particularly in people suffering from back or joint pain.

However, memory foam mattresses that are too soft can hurt your spinal alignment. High-density foam is firmer and provides the best spinal support. Be sure to keep these points in mind when shopping for a memory foam mattress!

4. Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses give you the best of both worlds by combining memory foam and innerspring technology. Most options will also include a latex or gel layer in between the memory foam and coils. These mattresses offer more firmness than most memory foam options, thanks to their innerspring layer. They do a fine job of contouring to your spine’s natural curve, too, hence aiding with spinal alignment.

On the downside, hybrid mattresses are bulky and cost more than regular memory foam or innerspring options. But if you’d like to reap the benefits of both memory foam and innerspring, the hybrid mattress could be perfect for you!

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Luxury King Size Ottoman Bed

Ottoman beds pay heritage to the ancient Turkish design style that features low-lying furniture decked with upholstery in cool, earthy colors.

Although these beds come in various sizes, they all feature the same basic design and color scheme and are most popularly bought in the King bed size.

This large size option is a direct result of the Ottoman bed’s grand and luxurious design that would appear awkward and meek on a smaller, single-person bed.

King-sized Ottoman beds are hence generally employed by couples and would make for an excellent addition to a large, two-person hotel room, as opposed to a smaller room designed for single-person inhabitation.

Interestingly, despite their larger-than-life, grand structure, these beds are typically found in understated, minimalist colors. Therefore, they serve as the perfect marriage between Eastern gaudiness and Western minimalism, much like their place of origin itself (Turkey)!

Pros and Cons of Ottoman Beds

Most Ottoman-style beds have a convenient storage option underneath their mattress. This helps them serve a dual purpose by doubling up as a place to keep your precious items safe. You can also store other, non-precious items within the bed, such as traveling bags that aren’t in use or old books you’ve read but just can’t seem to throw away.

Some people also like to store extra linens and bed coverings underneath the Ottoman’s mattress, which makes them more accessible whenever they’re needed. Or, if you’re keen on reducing the amount of furniture within the room, you can use this area to store clothes and shoes, hence eliminating the need for an individual closet.

The bed’s internal storage space can easily be accessed by lifting the bed’s mattress, which is supported by a sturdy metal frame. The bed is designed in a fashion that makes it easy to lift the mattress, so you don’t need to worry about being physically weighed down during the lifting process.

King-sized beds in other designs typically don’t include an internal storage option. As a result, they end up wasting a significant amount of under-mattress floor space that could have otherwise been put to good use. Luckily, this isn’t a problem with Ottoman beds, which is why so many people prefer this bed design over other popular options.

On the downside, though, Ottoman beds are large and bulky, making them difficult to shift around the room, which is why this design isn’t necessarily the best option for rooms with furniture that is regularly rearranged.

King-sized Ottoman beds take up a lot of space, making them a poor choice for small, compact hotel rooms. Such rooms would be better off with a less bulky bed, or perhaps one without an upholstered headboard, as those tend to take up more space than the average wooden option.


Despite these downsides, though, the Ottoman bed has remained a popular option amongst bed-owners and hotel room decorators, who champion the use of this bed style because of its ample storage space, luxurious design, and comfortable feel.

Here at Restfull Nights we offer custom services for ottoman beds. Please get in touch  if you are interested in our services.

Made to Order Headboards

­­­The Pros Of Made to Order Headboards

Headboards serve many practical purposes and do an excellent job of adding to the room’s aesthetic atmosphere. For example, headboards can help prevent your pillow from sliding off of the mattress and wedging itself in between the bed and wall. It can also encourage insulation and help you sleep in a warmer environment, but more on that later.

Because headboards play such an important role within the bedspace, it makes sense to order one that’s custom-made to match your taste and fulfill your requirements. Luckily, Restful Nights can help you with this and provide you with excellent guidance from qualified experts!

Benefits of Made to Order Headboards

Though ready-made headboards are certainly capable of doing a good job at fulfilling their purpose, a custom-made version can do even better!

This is because custom, made to order headboards can be designed in a way that matches your aesthetic needs and practical requirements. So, for example, if you need a set of new headboards to match your hotel’s rooms, you can place an order for a headboard that employs the same color scheme, design, and materials as all of the other furniture within these rooms. Hence, placing a custom order can enable the new piece of furniture to match everything else in the room and prevent it from sticking out like an awkward, sore thumb.

Ready-made headboards, on the other hand, usually fail to cater to the room’s unique aesthetic pallet. Instead, they are designed in a mundane, generic way that would suit the average customer but fail to meet the standards of a customized, high-end hotel room. Hence, it is important to consider investing in a made-to-order headboard for your hotel’s rooms instead of settling for a regular, ready-made option.

Apart from appearance and aesthetics, a made-to-order headboard is guaranteed to be a snug fit with regard to any bed. This is because these headboards will be created with the existing bed’s dimensions in mind.

Ordering a custom, made-to-order headboard is especially important for customized beds. Such beds may employ uncommon or rare dimensions, which makes it tricky to find a ready-made headboard that’s a perfect match in terms of size.

These made-to-order headboards can also be customized in terms of thickness and material used. So, for example, if the headboard needs to be placed within a room that’s prone to becoming extremely chilly during the winters, it will help to customize your new headboard so that it’s made from a thicker, insulating material that can, in turn, help keep the bed’s headspace warmer at night.

Because headboards typically rest right against the wall, they can serve as an insulating barrier between the wall and mattress, therefore shielding a sleeping person from the coolness that radiates off of walls during the wintertime.

As you can see, investing in a made-to-order headboard has many excellent advantages. So, why dally and wait when you can order a customized headboard from Restful Nights right away!


Top high-end mattresses here at Restful Nights

For the best sleep experience, whether for you or your customers, a top high-end mattress will be more than suitable. Boasting optimal levels of comfort, with the assurance of durability and longevity, buying top high-end mattresses will not only benefit you but also those you serve.

Selecting high-end mattresses may seem like an unrealistic choice, especially if you’re needing a large number to cover your services. To this standard, you’ll likely be expecting a hefty price tag. Yet here at Restful Nights, we combine top standards with accessible prices, to make high-end mattresses an approachable option for all.

We value products which promote optimal levels of sleep, comfort, sturdiness and durability. You’ll find our values throughout all products, whether that being a bed frame, mattresses or further upholstered goods.

With our years of experience, our immovable standards, our in-house seamless manufacturing processes, and our flexible approach, you can look to purchase and make use of top high-end mattresses, with confidence.

You can choose to select the most beneficial product to elevate the sleep experience by designing top high-end mattresses to cater to your needs.


Benefits of buying top high-end mattresses

There are many benefits of buying top high-end mattresses. Firstly, the assurance that your mattresses can withstand a multitude of functions is a worthwhile reason to invest. Any mattress purchase will cost money, meaning that selecting a higher end product will provide you with the guarantee of longevity.

Secondly, you can expect comfort, personalisation and durability, no matter your personal needs. Through a high-end service, your personal preferences and specifications matter.

Thirdly, you can make decisions around your top high-end mattresses, where a made to order service will be attached. Instead of selecting a standard mattress which is inflexible, you can spend some time designing your own, surrounding your reflection of high-end.

Lastly, by investing, you’ll access our customer experience here at Restful Nights, which secures quality, which secures value for money, and which secures purpose driven sleep products. Order your top high-end mattresses here to experience quality products for the long-term.

The value of buying a luxury memory foam mattress

Comfort is key while asleep. The majority of sleep complaints are linked to discomforting, unstable and springy mattresses. If you’re struggling to sleep, or receive complaints about your hotel beds, investing into luxury sleep products will instead be recommended.

Buying a luxury memory foam mattress will be one of the best steps you take. The value of such materials, manufacturing processes, specifications and frameworks offer the greatest form of comfort, allowing for that sunken feeling.

The idea of a memory foam mattress is off-putting to some individuals, as they believe that the flexible foundation of memory foam is in fact unsupportive. This is the opposite case here at Restful Nights, where you can select the right type of foam for the degree of support you require.

As a hotel owner or accommodation supplier, you may find it difficult to roll out a luxury memory foam mattress offering, down to personal preferences. Yet with our flexible design approach, and the ability to create a number of different options for your needs, you can secure both luxury and comfort through the use of memory foam.

From soft, light and flexible memory foam products, to sturdy, firm and stable mattresses, designing your take on luxury is possible here.

Buying a luxury memory foam mattress here at Restful Nights

If you’re keen on buying a luxury memory foam mattress, you can do so through our services. Made to order, we will follow your specifications, to manufacture your reflection of luxury, your expectations from memory foam materials, and your ideal mattress product.

We will aim for consistency, for high-end standards, and for value for money while delivering sleep products which will transform your experiences. This is very important, as securing the optimal sleep experience can be achievable through small yet impactful changes to your bed structure and mattress.

Offering flexibility, offering a removal service, and offering a full in-house design facility, collaborating with Restful Nights will be possible to produce the right luxury memory foam mattress for your needs.

Luxury Hotel Mattress

When leaving home, to stay at a hotel, expectations are usually high. This is down to the fact that a good night sleep is aimed for through a hotel setting, away from the hustle and bustle of life. Not only that, but luxury, comfort and a dreamy sleep experience are aimed for, down to the generic hotel offering.

Are you delivering luxury experiences through your hotel chains? If not, it’s time to look at your furniture with the view of an onlooker, while considering the design of a luxury hotel mattress.

You may in fact be visiting our website as a domestic customer, longing for that luxury hotel mattress feeling. This is a common request here at Restful Nights, down to the difference that a recognisable hotel bed and mattress has over a standard sleep arrangement.

Through our high-end manufacturing processes, our thorough design services, and our experience and understanding of luxury, you can work with our team to develop a hotel mattress for your needs.

Unwind, relax and truly feel away from home while experiencing a luxury hotel mattress, from a hotel itself or from your habitat.

Buying a luxury hotel mattress

For that hotel feeling, you can work with our team at Restful Nights, to design and manufacture bed frames and mattresses to meet your needs. Personal needs matter, whether you are a domestic customer or a large-scale hotel chain.

For personal use, specifications can be adapted to meet your take on a luxury hotel mattress. As a commercial customer, we can focus on developing a consistently rolled out luxury mattress, to meet your hotel needs, from costings to branding.

Standing as leaders in the sleep product landscape, we are here with flexible services, which ooze luxury and high-end sleep experiences. See why many of our clients continue to return for a range of sleep products, with a focus on luxury hotel mattress experiences.